Interstellar — The Story

Interstellar — The Story


It’s Novem­ber 2014. I’ve been post­ing videos for almost 18 months and yet I have less than 500 sub­scribers. How­ever, I don’t want to give up. A huge block­buster is about to hit the movies and Hans Zim­mer will score it — this is my chance.

I was wait­ing in excite­ment for the movie to be released so I could lis­ten to the sound­track. When it finally did I went to the movies with my best friend — I was dis­ap­pointed. Not because of the movie but because I real­ized that I would never be able arrange a piano cover of this sound­track that I would be sat­is­fied with. So… I decided not to go for it.

A cou­ple of days went by and then one day I heard the sound­track from my roomies lap­top. It wasn’t the actual sound­track but a piano cover — and it sounded awe­some. I real­ized that this could work! I found some tuto­ri­als for fast inspi­ra­tion, set up some awe­some sounds on my piano and then started arrang­ing and prac­tic­ing. The morn­ing after I recorded the video above.

5M views in May, 2017

When I write this post it’s mid-2017. The video has just passed 5M views and my chan­nel is close to 60k sub­scribers. I would have never dreamed of that 2.5 years ago — and there’s absolutely no doubt that this video was my break­through on YouTube. For more than a year my two Inter­stel­lar videos pre­sented 85% of my total chan­nel views. For­tu­nately I’ve man­aged to make some other pop­u­lar videos so the share has now fallen to around 30% — how­ever, there’s no doubt that these are still my most impor­tant videos.

So a very spe­cial thanks to all of you who are here because of that video. With­out you I would not have a chan­nel. Now we’re just wait­ing for more awe­some sound­tracks from Mr. Zim­mer. /​Jacob


  1. Hold on to your dreams, Jacob, I love the way you play the piano. Not much to say but you know you’re so tan­lented. Sin­cerely with love.
    Piano lover Gyp­sy­luo

  2. Hi,

    Love this piece! I am won­der­ing though, the strings, is that a pre­set on your piano/​synth or is that orig­i­nal music with you play­ing the piano on top of it?

    Greets and keep up the awe­some work!


    • Hi Michael. The strings are played on the key­board after­wards. I can’t help you with the pre­sets since I don’t have the key­board any­more and I don’t really remem­ber 🙂

  3. Grace à cette vidéo j’ai pu faire endormir mon petit garçon durant les pre­mier mois de sa vie. Cette musique reste pour nous une accu­mu­la­tion de ten­dres sou­venirs entre lui et moi. Aujourd’hui agé de deux ans et demi il est pas­sionné de musique clas­sique et pos­sède une oreille trés musi­cale.

    Je ne savais pas com­ment l’exprimer en Anglais, désolé de te le dire dans ma langue natale :

    Nous te remer­cions moi et William, ton tra­vail est mer­veilleux.

    • Trans­la­tion from French mes­sage above from Fabien Lemaire

      ” Thanks to this video, I was able to put my lit­tle boy to sleep dur­ing the first months of his life.
      This music remains for us an accu­mu­la­tion of ten­der mem­o­ries between him and me.
      Today, two and a half years old, he is pas­sion­ate about clas­si­cal music and has a very musi­cal ear.

      I did not know how to express it in Eng­lish, sorry to tell you in my native lan­guage:

      We thank you and William, your work is won­der­ful.” Fabien Lemaire

      • Thank you Fabien. So happy to hear that. I hope your son will grow up to be a pianist 🙂 /​Jacob

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