Game of Thrones — The Story

Game of Thrones — The Story

Why should it take me so long to come up with a piano cover of the Game of Thrones Main Title?

Two failed attempts

First of all, I don’t find this com­po­si­tion to be very piano friendly — it’s kind of meant for strings. I started work­ing on the arrange­ment for the first time two years ago. Unfor­tu­nately I had to real­ize that my arrang­ing skills were insuf­fi­cient at the time so I paused the project for a while. I did upload this sim­ple syn­the­sia tuto­r­ial, but it was hop­ing to make some­thing a bit more com­plex than that. Then, last year I was very keen on get­ting an epic arrange­ment ready for the 6th sea­son. I got very far with it but gave up once again since (after lis­ten­ing to the thing for too long) I sim­ply didn’t think it worked well enough.


A month ago I decided that this should be the year where I con­tributed to the cat­a­log of Game of Thrones piano cov­ers on YouTube. I started arrang­ing from scratch and things seemed to work bet­ter now. I have gained expe­ri­ence over time and my arrang­ing skills have improved. How­ever, the arrange­ment is very basic only con­tain­ing the few melodic move­ments that we all know and with very few fills and vari­a­tions. I’m not really able to arrange advanced ver­sion like the ones from Jar­rod Rad­nich or Play­er­Pi­ano but I’m not sure I would make it so advanced any­way. I think this piece should have some sim­plic­ity to it.

I hope you like the arrange­ment I came up with (and my per­for­mance of it). You can find the arrange­ment on — click here. /​Jacob


  1. Hey! I just found your chan­nel through the Yiruma med­ley video. And now this web­site. Have to say, Im lik­ing the sto­ries behind the arrangements/​compositions very much! Prob­a­bly because Im an inter­me­di­ate piano player myself. I can relate to your sto­ries! Please keep them com­ing! And thanks for the amaz­ing music 😀

  2. Thank you for shar­ing your music sheets. We just started play­ing piano and it really helps since most of the piano sheet music out there is not free. Thanks again

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