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Some day in Novem­ber last year I was at my job lis­ten­ing to some clas­si­cal music while work­ing. YouTube’s auto­play decided what I should hear… Sud­denly some melody that I never heard before appeared, it was awe­some. I opened my browser to see that this was the so called Spring Waltz by Frédéric Chopin.

Spring Waltz… really?

I was pretty con­fused. The fact that I haven’t heard about it while it was a piece by Chopin seemed unlikely — and it was­n’t even a waltz. I later found out that the cred­its to Chopin was a huge mis­take — the real piece was writ­ten by Paul de Sen­neville and the exact ver­sion was arranged by George David­son. Read more out about this very wide­spread mis­un­der­stand­ing in my post “Did Chopin ever write a Spring Waltz?”.

I was in no doubt that this was a piece I should play since it fits per­fect with my genre and play­ing style. Now it’s one of my most pop­u­lar videos — thanks! Lis­ten to my per­for­mance in the player above.