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Yes — all prices are in US Dol­lars ($). How­ever, you can still use my store if your domes­tic cur­reny is not US Dol­lars, you will just be charged the equiv­a­lent amount in your domes­tic cur­rency. For exhange rate tables see here:
Your phys­i­cal address should not be pro­vided and hence there is no field for it. All my prod­ucts are dig­i­tal down­loads so your phys­i­cal address is not needed. You only need to pro­vide name, e‑mail, and country.


I cur­rently play a Roland RD-800 stage piano. Please be aware that I am using soft­ware instru­ments (VSTs) to gen­er­ate the sound mean­ing that the sound you hear does not come from the key­board. It is still an amaz­ing key­board with great and real­is­tic keys. In my older videos I play a Roland Juno-Stage (before Sep­tem­ber 2015).
No. In prin­ci­ple, you can not just use my songs in your projects with­out per­mis­sion or license. How­ever, some clar­i­fi­ca­tion is needed — please read all bul­lets to get the full understanding.

For the fol­low­ing points, it is impor­tant to dis­tin­guish between my cover music and my orig­i­nal music. I don’t own the full copy­right for my cover songs, so you should con­sider these as belong­ing to some­one else. I can not grant you full per­mis­sion to use these. How­ever, as described below you may still be able to use my cov­ers for YouTube uploads.

When upload­ing videos to YouTube, there’s an auto­matic sys­tem (called Con­tent ID) that auto­mat­i­cally detects all music used in the videos uploaded and roy­al­ties are paid to the copy­right owner. This means, that you can safely use both my cover music and my orig­i­nal music for YouTube uploads. Just be aware that the copy­right owner has con­trol over your video, and can take it down. How­ever, that rarely hap­pens — and regard­ing my own music, then I will not take your videos down.

If you want to use my orig­i­nal music for other projects than YouTube uploads, then licenses can be requested here — CD Baby Licens­ing. If what you’re look­ing for is not on the list, then send me an e‑mail and we’ll fig­ure it out.

If you want to legally use my cover music for other projects than YouTube uploads, then you need to pur­chase a license from the orig­i­nal copy­right holder. Unfor­tu­nately, I can­not advise you fur­ther on this topic.

For piano I cur­rently use:

  • All Ivory II pianos
  • CFX Con­cert Grand (Gar­ri­tan)
  • Una Corda (Native Instruments)
  • NOIRE (Native Instruments)
  • Ola­fur Orches­tral Toolkit (Spit­fire)

For strings I cur­rently use:

  • Cin­e­matic Strings
  • Spit­fire Sym­phonic Strings
  • Spit­fire BBC Orchestra
I cur­rently use a Canon 80D along with a Sigma AF 18–35/1,8 DC HSM ART lens.

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