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NB! For online courses, I have a different refund policy. Please read more below under “Courses”.

A MIDI file is a file that contains information on a musical performance. Read more about MIDI files here. Most importantly, note that a MIDI is not audio/mp3 and it is not sheet music.

Yes – but not on this website. You can find them on This website only offers sheet music for my original music, because I don’t have a license to sell sheet music for my cover music here. However, I do have license to sell MIDI files of my cover music, so these can be bought here.


Yes! Once you have purchased a course, you can access all course lessons, when you are logged in to your account. You can log in, using the e-mail and password provided on checkout page. Your course access will never expire.

No! The course consists of 9 on-demand videos including useful text material for each video. You can watch the video lessons whenever you want and you have lifetime access to the content. So there is no rush whatsoever.

Yes! The fundamentals of this course are concepts and principles that I introduce you to, which are general stuff not related to the system you are working on.

However, the main part of the course takes place in Logic Pro X, which is only available for Apple. But I have included bonus lessons for both Cubase and Ableton Live (which are Windows compatible software). So, technical details of the DAW are shown in both Logic, Cubase, and Ableton. Thus, no matter what system you use, this course is for you.

Yes – within the first 7 days of your purchase, you can get your course purchase refunded. So if you are in doubt whether the course is for you or not, then don’t worry to try it out. Just send me a message on and request refund. See more about my refund policies here.

General Questions

I currently play a Roland RD-800 stage piano. Please be aware that I am using software instruments (VSTs) to generate the sound meaning that the sound you hear does not come from the keyboard. It is still an amazing keyboard with great and realistic keys. In my older videos I play a Roland Juno-Stage (before September 2015).

No. In principle, you can not just use my songs in your projects without permission or license. However, some clarification is needed — please read all bullets to get the full understanding.

For the following points, it is important to distinguish between my cover music and my original music. I don’t own the full copyright for my cover songs, so you should consider these as belonging to someone else. I can not grant you full permission to use these. However, as described below you may still be able to use my covers for YouTube uploads.

When uploading videos to YouTube, there’s an automatic system (called Content ID) that automatically detects all music used in the videos uploaded and royalties are paid to the copyright owner. This means, that you can safely use both my cover music and my original music for YouTube uploads. Just be aware that the copyright owner has control over your video, and can take it down. However, that rarely happens — and regarding my own music, then I will not take your videos down.

If you want to use my original music for other projects than YouTube uploads, then licenses can be requested here — CD Baby Licensing. If what you’re looking for is not on the list, then send me an e‑mail and we’ll figure it out.

If you want to legally use my cover music for other projects than YouTube uploads, then you need to purchase a license from the original copyright holder. Unfortunately, I cannot advise you further on this topic.

My primary VSTs currently are CFX Concert Grand for piano and BBC Orchestra (Spitfire) for strings and orchestra. If you want to learn more about how I produce my music, feel free to check out my Piano Production Course.

I currently use a Canon 80D along with a Sigma AF 18–35/1,8 DC HSM ART lens.


Other questions?