MIDI Files

MIDI files are no longer available at this site.

Where are your MIDI files?

I no longer sell or share my MIDI files. It’s a decision both based on business strategy and for the protection of my work. Maintaining sale of MIDI files has required too much work compared to the benefits. Also, my MIDI files have often been misused – for instance, some people have used them to regenerate new recordings and submit them to streaming services.

Altogether, it seemed obvious that I needed to stop sharing my MIDI files.

Is there any other way we can access them?

What I want to avoid, is that users have direct access to the underlying file, because unfortunately, that can, and probably will be, misused. My hope is to get my MIDI files available on various platforms such as streaming platforms for self-playing pianos, or available in piano learning apps. If I manage to get my files available on such platforms you can start enjoying them again.

Unfortunately, that will not be in the near future, and the possibility to buy the files for download will likely not return.


If you have any questions regarding my MIDI files, then feel free to use the contact form on the bottom of this page.