I am Jacob Lade­gaard, a pianist and com­poser based in Den­mark also known as Jacob’s Piano. I cur­rently spend 70 per­cent of my time work­ing with music and the remain­ing time as an eco­nomic con­sul­tant (I hap­pen to be an econ­o­mist as well).

I com­pose orig­i­nal music, arrange cover music and make Syn­the­sia tuto­ri­als of both. If you’re inter­ested in fol­low­ing my work, then fol­low me on my social media (links above).


What key­board do I play?2019–10-30T12:36:25+00:00

I cur­rently play a Roland RD-800 stage piano. Please be aware that I am using soft­ware instru­ments (VSTs) to gen­er­ate the sound mean­ing that the sound you hear does not come from the key­board. It is still an amaz­ing key­board with great and real­is­tic keys.

I my older videos I play a Roland Juno-Stage (before Sep­tem­ber 2015)

What VSTs do I use?2019–10-30T13:42:34+00:00

For piano I cur­rently use:

  • All Ivory II pianos
  • CFX Con­cert Grand (Gar­ri­tan)
  • Una Corda (Native Instru­ments)
  • NOIRE (Native Instru­ments)
  • Ola­fur Orches­tral Toolkit (Spit­fire)

For strings I cur­rently use:

  • Cin­e­matic Strings
  • Spit­fire Sym­phonic Strings
  • Spit­fire BBC Orches­tra
What cam­era do I use?2019–10-30T14:10:25+00:00

I cur­rently use a Canon 80D along with a Sigma AF 18–35/1,8 DC HSM ART lens.



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