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All products sold in this store are digital downloads. They can be downloaded immediately after purchase from the “order complete”-page or from the purchase receipt sent to your provided e-mail.

Yes. You can download the file as many times as you want and therefore you can print it just as much as you want.

MIDI files can be used for many purposes on many different devices. I don’t offer any technical assistance as I can’t know all devices. I suggest you look for tutorials specifically for your device online.

If you have a self-playing piano see answer below.

Yes! If you have an acoustic self-playing piano, also called a player piano or a “Pianola”, my MIDI files give a unique opportunity to hear my original performances directly on your own piano. Sometimes, my standard MIDI files may not function properly, but just reach me on and then I’ll deliver properly formatted files as fast as possible!

Sheet music is printed music notes on paper, whereas a MIDI file contains performance data in a digital file. A MIDI file can be used to visualize a performance and requires compatible software or devices.

All products on this site are sold in US Dollars marked by the $-sign. You can convert the amount to your local currency using this currency converter (opens in new window).


Within the first 7 days of your purchase, you can receive a refund if the courses don’t meet your expectations. Please send a refund request to

Yes, all courses have lifetime access. And also access to any updates I may publish.

No. You get lifetime access to all content and can go through the course at any pace you like. And you can keep returning to the content as many times as you want.

You will also get access to any future updates of the course that I’ll be implementing.

All my courses is a one-time payment with lifetime access to the content – including any updates I may release.

Yes! I use state-of-the-art payment processors – Stripe and PayPal. They offer high-security payments, so you can safely pay and only worry about all the new stuff you are going to learn.

Apple Pay or Google Pay may or may not be available to you. If your preferred payment option is not available to you, then let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Reach me at


I currently play a Roland RD-800 stage piano. Please be aware that I am using software instruments (VSTs) to generate the sound meaning that the sound you hear does not come from the keyboard. It is still an amazing keyboard with great and realistic keys. In my older videos I play a Roland Juno-Stage (before September 2015).

My primary VSTs currently are CFX Concert Grand for piano and BBC Orchestra (Spitfire) for strings and orchestra. Check out my Piano Production Course, which provides extremely useful insights on the production process.

I currently use Sony A7sIII along with a Sony FE 24-70 mm F2,8 GM lens. I use that for both piano videos, course lessons, and vlog style videos.


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