A self-taught Dane.

I am Jacob Ladegaard, a self-taught pianist, composer, and digital music producer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The name Jacob’s Piano derives from my YouTube channel and now serves as my main artist name under which I release my work.

As my artist name suggests, all my work evolves around the piano and I specialize in digital recordings using MIDI and software instruments. Beside creating music, I share my knowledge in online courses hosted on this site.

Since 2020, Jacob’s Piano has been my full-time job.


I started my YouTube channel in 2013, and my audience has steadily grown since, not only on YouTube but on various global media.

My values.

What drives me? Why did I start doing what I do? Why do I like it?

I have always loved to learn and create. In the world of music there’s endless learning to jump into and everything builds on creativity. I love to share my work with you, and whenever someone writes to me how my music affected their lives, it gives me the purpose I need.

I have played piano since I was a child. Many times did I take breaks from playing, but I kept returning to the piano throughout my entire life – and in 2020, I started working full-time on the Jacob’s Piano project.

Educating myself.

When I started recording music for YouTube, I knew nothing about how to record and mix music. I started recording the audio from my keyboard directly but felt it could sound better.

In 2015, I started exploring the world of MIDI and Software Instruments, and learned how to use a Digital Audio Workstation. I’ve spent countless hours experimenting and learning by myself, because there was no good learning material back then.

The lack of learning material is the reason I decided to share my knowledge in my Piano Production Course, a comprehensive introduction to MIDI, Software Instruments, and Mixing.

Find me anywhere.

Beside YouTube and Spotify, you can find my music on most streaming platforms. You can also follow my work more closely on Instagram or Facebook.

Thanks for supporting me!