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Jacob's Piano Production Course

Jacob Ladegaard

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About the course

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to produce a piano track in stunning professional quality only using your keyboard and software. No microphones or acoustic piano needed!

I have spent the last 7 years refining my recording and production skills and to save you an enormous amount of research, I have put all that knowledge together in this piano production course. You will get a deep insight into my personal workflow and see what software and plug-ins I use, and ultimately you will have the knowledge to produce tracks in a quality similar to mine. I will go through both solo piano recordings as well as how to create beautiful string accompaniment.

What you'll learn

Who is this course for?

This course is for you who wish to record your keyboard, but have no idea how to approach it. It is also, for you who already know how to record, but want to take your recording quality to a higher level. At last, maybe you are already familiar with most of the content of this course, but just want a deeper insight into my workflow and see how I work from scratch to final project.

Do I need any equipment?

There are no equipment requirements for taking this course. However, if you want to work along with me, you will as a minimum need a digital keyboard and a computer with recording software (DAW). You will be introduced to recording software in the course, so if you don’t have anything yet, then you can choose something while you progress in the course. The main recording software (DAW) used in this course is Logic Pro X, but there are 2 hour additional instruction videos for Ableton Live and Cubase, respectively. So the course is designed for both Windows and Mac users. At last, all third-party plug-ins, as well as the concepts and principles I introduce, are identical across all DAWs.

Some words from the students

About Jacob’s Piano

I am Jacob Ladegaard, a pianist and composer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2019 I graduated in economics, but during my studies my YouTube channel Jacob’s Piano evolved. Late in 2020, I took the unavoidable step and decided to make my new life goal to share beautiful music with the world.

Today I spend my life recording cover music, composing original songs, and sharing my experience in online courses.

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Course Time

+6 hours on-demand video

(+2 hours of video for Windows compatible software)


10 Lessons


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Lesson 1: Setup and Preparation

Length: 19 minutesAuthor: Jacob's PianoComplexity: Easy

In this introductory lesson, I discuss what is needed as a minimum (keyboard, software, etc.) to make nice-sounding piano recordings. I further introduce you to MIDI and show you how to set everything up so you are prepared for recording.

Lesson 2: The DAW, Recording and Software Pianos

Length: 26 minutesAuthor: Jacob's PianoComplexity: Easy

Now it is time to make our very first piano recording. In this lesson, I first briefly introduce you to Logic (and Ableton Live and Cubase) and its features and then we make a piano recording. At last, I introduce my favorite software pianos and choose the one we are going to use throughout the course.

Bonus #1: Software Pianos

Length: 56 minutesAuthor: Jacob's PianoComplexity: Easy

In this bonus lesson, I share audio demos with a longer list of software pianos. I also share my thoughts on pros and cons for each piano. So if you are looking for a new software piano, then this bonus lesson is a must-see.

Lesson 3: Editing MIDI File

Length: 24 minutesAuthor: Jacob's PianoComplexity: Standard

Now that we have made our piano recording, it is time to edit the MIDI file to make sure that the performance is perfect. We want to remove any mistakes and inaccuracies from our performance, and we can easily do that in our DAW.

Lesson 4: Apply EQ and Reverb

Length: 38 minutesAuthor: Jacob's PianoComplexity: Hard

Now it is time to really work on the mix. In this lesson, I introduce you to EQ and reverb and show you how to apply this to our track. I also show you a little secret of mine to make the sound of the piano even richer.

Lesson 5: Automation

Length: 12 minutesAuthor: Jacob's PianoComplexity: Standard

Now we are close to being done working on our piano track. However, in this short lesson, I show you how you can automate some of the mixer settings in Logic. We do this to make sure that our mix is just as we want it throughout the whole composition.

Lesson 6: Adding Strings – Part 1

Length: 48 minutesAuthor: Jacob's PianoComplexity: Hard

At this point, our piano track is done. But I am not done teaching you how to take your production to even new levels. We can do that by adding simple strings to our piano composition. In this and the next lesson, we add two cello tracks and one violin track to our composition.

Lesson 8: Bonus Content and Exporting

Length: 47 minutesAuthor: Jacob's PianoComplexity: Standard

Now it is time to add the final small details. In this lesson, I add a third ambient piano sound in the chorus, and then we also add a small sound effect that serves as the final cherry on top of our work. Then our mix is done, and I discuss how to export it and how to deal with mastering.

Bonus #2: Other Project Cases

Length: 54 minutesAuthor: Jacob's PianoComplexity: Standard

In this bonus lesson, I give you a useful look into some of my other projects that has been produced differently than the presented projected throughout the course. It is meant to inspire you to see how you can experiment a lot with the opportunities of software instruments.