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The story behind the 100 million views

Little did I realize the huge impact this video would have when I created it. Back then, I had only a few subscribers and no expectation that music could sustain me financially. Nevertheless, I persisted in my efforts to expand my reach by exploring different strategies.

One day, I hit upon the idea of pooling my videos together and labeling them with popular search terms. “Beautiful” and “Soundtracks” seemed like promising keywords, but they were also quite generic, and I knew the video was destined to fail.

Despite this, I named the compilation “4 Beautiful Soundtracks | Relaxing Piano” to incorporate these keywords into the title. Much to my surprise, the tactic worked, and the video quickly gained traction. As a result, several of my subsequent videos went on to achieve similar success, and the Jacob’s Piano project was born.

As of writing this in April 2023, the video has amassed a staggering 126 million views and shows no signs of slowing down. To me, this video represents more than just another upload to YouTube; it is a piece of history, a catalyst that transformed my life and led me to a fulfilling career. It’s humbling to consider how small decisions can have such a tremendous impact on our lives.

I also want to express my deep appreciation to each and every one of you who has watched, followed and supported my work. While video algorithms are undoubtedly important, none of this would be possible without your continued support and enthusiasm for my music. Thank you.

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