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Jacob’s Piano Studio Tour


In this video, I welcome you in my home studio. I show you all the essential equipment I have, for you to get inspiration. Below, I have listed all the equipment that I mention in the video.


I’ve used this keyboard for several years now, and I’m still in love with it. In particular, the key action works great for me. It feels like a real piano to play, which is essential for me, so I can play with feelings and emotions. That can be challenging on cheaper keyboards with less realistic key action, but this keyboard is great.

This MIDI controller is great when it comes to music production. It’s not good to record dynamic piano performances, because the key action is not nearly as good as my Roland. But for writing compositions, and recording other instruments such as string sections, this one is a great tool.

I acquired this old piano from 1977 back in 2022. It was completely restored prior to my purchase, so now it simply looks and sounds like a new piano.

I got this stereo pair of mics to record the acoustic Yamaha U3, and they do a great job. Recording an acoustic piano can be done in so many different ways, and to get even better sound you may want more than two microphones, but I must say, that these two do a great job on their own.

Sound from Beyerdynamic has always been great and these headphones are not an exemption. They are professional-quality headphones made for mixing and mastering.

I love these beautiful speakers from Output. The audio is developed by Barefoot audio, an industry-leader in pro audio. They sound amazing.

In order to create orchestral music with many tracks, you need a powerful computer. This new Mac Studio model does great. It’s fast, powerful, and has a lot of memory. It has not let me down so far.

Universal Audio builts great professional hardware. This audio interface is great and allows me to use Universal Audio’s plug-ins. The downside is, that it only has two microphone inputs, so whenever I decide to add an additional microphone to my piano recording setup, then I need a new audio interface – But I’ll definitely select something from the Universal Audio catalog!

Having good studio light to record videos is essential. This lamp from Aputure is great and allows me to set exposure as well as temperature levels to get the perfect mood for my videos.

In order to create good-looking videos, you need a good camera. This Sona Alpha 7S III is acknowledged as one of the best mirrorless cameras for video recording. It’s quite expensive but it really delivers beautiful 4K video and amazing auto-focus capabilities.

This little microphone is great for this vlog-type video where I’m talking to the camera.

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