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Beginner Sheet Music

Starting to learn piano can feel tough. You might often bump into tricky songs meant for pros, and all beginner piano sheet music you find are just boring simplified versions of harder songs.

Does that sound like what you’ve been through? If so, you’re in for a treat with the music you’ll find on this page. My songs are simple from the start, but they’re still strong and catchy. I love writing tunes that sound great without being as complicated as classical music.

The best part about my sheet music? You’re getting the real deal. No simplified versions of my songs – you get to play the originals. They’re perfect for beginners, but they won’t sound like a boring, easier version of a pop song.

So, if you’re excited to wow your friends and family with fresh tunes, take a look at the sheet music below!

Jacob's Piano Sheet Music - Suitable for Beginners

Progress with Jacob

If you want to explore more of my music then don’t hesitate! I have created numerous compositions and none of them go beyond intermediate level. So once you progress a bit further than the beginner level, all of my pieces are within your capabilities.

Reading Sheet Music as a Beginner

As a beginner pianist, one of the challenges is reading sheet music. It is complex to learn and very difficult to read fast. Therefore many beginners spend just as much time figuring out what to play as they spend actually practicing a piece.

To help you enjoy the process of becoming a better pianist, I have compiled various sources below that can help you learn how to read sheet music. If you want one place where you can learn it all, I highly suggest you check out my online course Learn Sheet Music with Jacob.

Learn Sheet Music with Jacob (Course)

Start your piano journey the right way! Learn Sheet Music with Jacob's Piano as your teacher.

How to Read Sheet Music (Article)

Get inspired by this short article, where I break down the fundamentals of reading sheet music.

Step-By-Step Guide to Reading Sheet Music has provided this very comprehensive guide to reading sheet music.

Choosing the right piece

Learning to play the piano is challenging, but that’s what makes it interesting. However, it’s important not to tackle music that’s too difficult for your current skill level. If you choose something too challenging, you might get frustrated and lose motivation.

Here are some common difficulties beginners face:

  1. Rhythm: Keeping the beat and playing in time can be tricky.

  2. Playing fast: It can be hard to move your fingers quickly across the keys.

  3. Handling too many notes at once: Sometimes a piece of music has too many notes happening simultaneously, which can be overwhelming.

To make progress, it’s important to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Based on that, you can pick a suitable piece to practice. For example, if you struggle with rhythms, a piece like “Autumn Breeze” may be better for you than a more rhythmically advanced piece like “Remember You.”

Beyond Traditional Sheet Music

Visualizers are a popular alternative to traditional sheet music. If you’re interested in exploring alternative methods of learning, consider these resources:

  1. MIDI Files by Jacob. Experience MIDI files in action with a visualizer. You can find my collection of MIDI files here, and download the Synthesia visualizer here.
  2. Flowkey. Discover the versatility of the Flowkey app, offering visualizers, sheet music, and various instructional options. Learn more about flowkey here.

Many good reasons to play beginner sheet music!

Playing simple beginner sheet music offers many benefits for your musical development and helps minimize frustration. Here are some reasons why playing simple songs can be a great choice:

  • Improves your sheet music reading skills faster.
  • Avoids frustration and helps you stay motivated.
  • Allows you to play more songs instead of spending months on one melody.
  • Simple music can be just as beautiful as overly complex music.

These are compelling reasons to consider playing simple sheet music. You don’t have to move to more advanced music unless that’s what you truly want. Remember, you don’t need to learn overly complex classical pieces to impress people. Playing simple music with great emotion is what moves listeners the most!

Explore More Music

If you want to dive even further into and endless selection of beginner sheet music, you may want to visit my partners at who offers the largest selection of piano sheet music anywhere online. I have also teamed up with OKTAV which is a subscription-based service where you can get unlimited access to my arrangements and numerous other amazing works.

What is Beginner Piano Sheet Music?

Usually, beginner sheet music refers to simplified arrangements of more advanced compositions. However, my beginner sheet music is a compilation of my easiest-to-play original pieces. So you get to play the original pieces just as they sound on Spotify – no simplification.

Do you offer more advanced sheet music?

Yes, I offer sheet music in a range of difficulty levels. Most of my music is suitable for intermediate pianists and all my compositions can be found here.


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