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About the composition "Golden Meadow"

First of all, I hope you like this new original solo piano single from me, Jacob’s Piano. This is a very old idea, that was suddenly brought to life.

I often sit at the piano and improvise a lot of different melodies. If, suddenly, I play something that I think has the potential for a complete song, I immediately record and save the MIDI file in my catalog.

So I was browsing through my catalog of ideas because I wanted to write a new original song, and I came by this idea which was very old, recorded several years ago. I remembered that I have listened to it many times but never been able to write a few bars of melody before I got stuck. But this time I had a feeling that I could do something more with this.

And I did. And the final result is what you can hear in the player above – Golden Meadow. Thank you so much for listening and for supporting my work.

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